Deli Spices is proudly celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2021!

In 1981, Walter Haller, our founder Fleischmeister, started building his dream. In the forty years since, our family-run business has expanded throughout Southern Africa, with valued partnerships supporting and growing his vision.

Our people, passion and innovation have been the driving forces creating a company committed to excellence and true dedication to our customers. Thank you for being part of this journey as we celebrate our past, present and future in Africa.

To mark this incredible milestone, we’ve created a very special pattern that honours the vibrant culture of our clients and their customers, while telling the story of our company and its founder.

In the past, 18th century missionaries presented Lesotho’s King Moshweshwe the First with a gift of patterned “shweshwe” cloth, which was then imported by 19th century German and Swiss settlers, entrenching shweshwe’s popularity in Southern African culture. Even today, shweshwe patterns remain high fashion and cultural symbols.

Our original Fleischmeister, Walter Haller, also left his native Germany behind and brought with him something rich in culture and appeal – his masterful expertise in traditional cured meats and spices that were welcomed and took firm root on our shores.

In the present, we look back at where we’ve come from in order to plan for the future. We pay respectful homage to our history, to the origins of both shweshwe and Deli Spices itself, in our unique 40th anniversary pattern.

Our logo - a generous mound of spice weighed on a scale – is surrounded by circles that suggest food plates, and annual tree growth rings that remind us how much we’ve grown year on year. The star shapes represent our proud, talented staff.

Deli Spices’ signature red is the colour of dynamism and passion. It symbolizes our ambition to improve and expand.

In the future, our goal is to create innovative solutions that capture hearts and minds on the African continent. Solutions that are built on our foundational history of German quality combined with modern technology and international ingenuity.

People Passion Innovation
This vision will continue to drive us forward!