The procurement team travel globally to negotiate and source the finest raw materials. Central in supplying the best quality at affordable prices is our specialised system of forecasting coupled with constant monitoring of local and international events that impact supply.

We adhere to the Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) program to ensure supplier compliance. We are proud of our integrated procurement program which allows for tracing materials, through the supply chain, back to source. Incorporating all role players guarantees a sustainable sources of supply. Control of quality standards is supported by product testing done at accredited laboratories providing a reliable COA (certificate of analysis).


Our state of the art research laboratories offer innovative technologies, concepts and products. A dedicated team of food scientists and technologists focus on development and maintaining product integrity. We are compliant with SA legislation and aim continuously to improve quality of ingredients, packaging and processing.

We advise our customers on new innovations and processing techniques.


The advanced production facility is housed in 12 000 m² and incorporates milling, production and laboratory facilities.

The multi-storey blending unit includes a variety of blender types and sizes to provide versatility for different product densities, specifications and batch sizes.

The packing department is geared to handle a wide range of unique packaging requirements.

Our main warehousing includes computerised picking systems to facilitate modern techniques for batch tracking and full lot traceability.

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