Chef Jodi-Ann

Celebrity chef Jodi-Ann Pearton graduated from Silwood Kitchen in 2005, since then she has won a number of South African culinary awards. Jodi-Ann has worked all over the world in some of the finest restaurants, including the 3 Michelin Star, French Laundry in California. In 2008 she opened the Food Design Agency, which has gone from strength to strength, making Deli proud to partner with Jodi-Ann as she begins to look to the future.

 On the 17th of April 2009, BraaiBoy started braaing once a day; he has continued to do so every day since. What started, as a dare has become a lifestyle, as BraaiBoy shows no signs of slowing down. Now his mission in life is to perfect the art of braaing and build on the culture, that South Africans hold so dear.

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